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This large dog house is not only Eco friendly but it also features a premium door to protect your pet from the elements and would also be an attractive addition to your backyard area.


Simply put this is one of the best dog houses you can provide for your dog!

These composite dog houses feature an engineered wood panel with the look and texture of rough-sawn cedar and are made in the USA!

These homes have superior strength characteristics and are more dent, scratch, moisture, and insect resistant than most traditional cedar houses. Another feature of our engineered wood panels is that they arrive completely finished ready for assembly and use - no painting or weather sealing is required!

Your new house is composed of 7 pre-assembled panels including:

The floor, 4 walls and 2 roof panels.

Each home is supplied with all the necessary screws and instructions for easy assembly. All that you require to assemble one of our dog houses is a power screwdriver and approximately 10-15 minutes.

Features Of The Extra Large Insulated Dog House:

Panel-Abode™ Engineered Panel System – features a simulated rough-sawn cedar finish making the house stronger, provides for longevity and more dimensionally-stable than other cedar dog houses, with resistance to dents, scratching, warping, insects and moisture.

High Quality Insulation Package - Features true foam insulation up to 1 1/2 inches thick – no other gimmicks, and the floor is insulated as well as all 4 walls, and the roof panels unlike many other homes in the marketplace.

Slide-Lock™ True Removable Roof System – You can easily remove the roof panels in seconds without any tools for fast cleaning and puppy observation of you are raising them.

Pre-Finished / Easy Assembly – this house will require less maintenance and is completely finished ready for easy assembly in approximately 10 minutes! - Some cedar houses may require sealing or staining to prevent discoloration and premature weathering.

Vented Ridge Cap – This feature provides ventilation and allows heat to escape in summer, keeping your dog much cooler.

Raised Feet – Having the house elevated with raised feet prevents the base from scratching finished deck surfaces, provides air circulation underneath the house, & protects the membrane on the base of home.

High Quality Solid Locking Door – Professionally engineered and manufactured in the USA from the high quality materials including powder-coated color-matching aluminum frame, shatter-resistant clear acrylic self-closing door panels, and lock.

Offset Door – Offsetting the door provides a larger windbreak and area out of the direct sun or heavy wind - a centered door increases exposure to foul weather and the direct sunlight.

Roof Pitch and Overhang - The steeper roof pitch and larger overhang help shed rain and snow better than dog houses - roofline slopes away from door to prevent rain from dripping on your dog!

The Breeds And Those Related This House Is Designed For

This large insulated dog house is designed specifically for large dog breeds weighing up to about one hundred pounds, including most German Shepherds, smaller Rottweiler’s, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Boxers, Labrador Retrievers, and other similar-sized dogs. These insulated dog houses feature PanelAbode™ laminated engineered panel technology, a thick layer of true foam insulation, the Slide-Lock™ easy remove roof system, vented ridge cap and raised feet for better air flow.

Large Insulated Dog House Specifications:

Recommended For Larger dogs to approx. 100 lbs.

External Dimensions 36 3/4" Width 39 3/4" Depth 37 3/4" Height.

Internal Dimensions 26 3/4" Width 31" Depth 31 3/4" Height.

Door Type Premium All Weather Dog Door Door Size 11 3/4" Wide 16" High.

Roof / Base Insulation 1 1/2" Wall Insulation 1 1/2".

Weight 106 lbs.

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